REVIFA family cut out CROPPED to 1000x300

(From left to right, Gilberto Sacchetti, Emma Sacchetti, Libero Sacchetti, Guido Sacchetti, Anna-Maria Sacchetti, Vittorio Sacchetti.)

REVIFA has been leading the automotive fastening systems industry since the early 1950’s when the Information Age had yet to be born. We’ve watched Europe grow into a bright and innovative place for our children, and REVIFA has been a part of that growth. From supplying bolts and screws to keep the transportation industry running smoothly to developing special fastening systems to ensure that our families are safe when they travel, REVIFA hasn’t changed in one major way: we focused on building relationships and providing exemplary customer service way back in 1951, and we have successfully retained that focus for more than 6 decades.

We’ve also never wavered in our commitment to ultra-high quality products, and we believe that this is clearly evident today in the reliable and finely made screws, bolts and fasteners that we produce.

From our humble roots to our progressive and modern operations today, we owe it all to our people, who have made us what we are today. With more than €24 million in business each year and 120 employees worldwide, REVIFA has become a global company with local roots and customer service.  This work ethic has allowed us to form strategic alliances with some of the world’s top automotive manufacturers and suppliers, allowing our clients to develop superior products, meet deadlines and claim a growing share of their respective markets.

Ultimately, we believe that the success of our clients is equivalent to our own.  To find out for yourself, to request more information or to place an order, please use our convenient contact form.

REVIFA Organizational Chart

REVIFA & the Sacchetti Family: Old Roots, Modern Tools

From our small but dedicated beginnings 6 decades ago to the recent multi-million Euro expansion of our ultra high-tech production facility, we’re innovating the future.  See you there!

Old Revifa